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On Autumn and Hot Bowls Of Soup

lentil soup main1

A little more than a week ago, I picked a recipe that best described Autumn to me. And it seems, after
a cold day out kicking fallen leaves, the one thing I crave is a hot bowl of soup. 
Something uncomplicated, healthy and wholesome. Red lentils are incredibly robust and makes soup taste
out of this world. 

The recipe is featured on Food& as well as a little Autumn poem. 

Food& is a new online platform that features "talented individuals, creatives, cooks and makers to 
collaborate and share their skills and stories with the world." And I can't get enough of it!

Lentils detail 2

lentils detail

À Mesa – A Portuguese Supper

preparing for A Mesa Supper

When we sit at a table, we hope and expect to savour new flavours and textures, we hope 
to experience food that will warm our very souls. But what transforms ingredients on a plate 
into an unforgettable supper, are the people that gather around to share a meal and 
conversations, journeys and experiences.

Portuguese Recipe Book
Old Portuguese Recipe Book detail

A mesa Menu

As we set À MESA for a Portuguese supper, we laid what was the beginning of a new story. We 
not only hoped to introduce our guests to humble Portuguese food, but join people at a table 
to share old stories, and wished for new ones to be told and created. 

Set in a mellow candlelit environment, we invited old friends and new ones too, that transformed 
our humble table into what was described by one of guests as: " a fabulous, delicious feast 
amongst such good lively company".


Portuguese salgados (salty), including Pasties de bacalhau (salt cod cakes), Rissois de Camarāo 
(prawn rissois) and Beef Croquets were served as canapés. Followed by Caldo Verde, a hearty 
Portuguese cabbage and Chouriço soup, traditionally served at midnight on new years eve, or 
on Portuguese celebrations. A good caldo verde requires finely shredded portuguese cabbage 
(I used locally sourced cavolo nero) and a slice of chouriço and good olive oil added just 
before serving.

Cod is served in 1001 forms in Portugal. Our Fish course was Bacalhau com crosta de Migas 
(cod with a cornbread crust) served with Migas de Couve (cabbage and garlic infused corn 
bread). Which turned out to be one of the evenings favorite courses.

For the meat dish we served Pork Loin with chestnuts, russets and roast vegetables. We loved 
that our guests had seconds. Surely a tradition encouraged by the Portuguese!

And finally,for dessert: Port and Spice Flan, Biscuit Coffee Cake and Nuvens com Doce de 
Ovos (clouds with portuguese sweet egg cream)

You can hear a little more about the future of "À MESA" as well as what keeps me busy on 
and interview I did with Alan from Flavour105 HERE.

lighting candles for A Mesa Supper

A Mesa Table

candles by the window

black caipirinha

Laying the Table for A Mesa

PAsteis de Bacalhau

menu on plate detail

prawn rissois

menu and plate detail

Wine glass A Mesa

Bacalhau com Migas

bread detail

Lombo assado com castanhas e maca

candles in the dark

We would like to thank all our guests, for providing the perfect beginning to "À MESA'S" story.
If you weren't part of this chapter, we hope you will soon be, and look forward to having you at our next
"À Mesa" on January 11th (details to be released).
And for those who made our table a special one. THANK YOU and hope to have you grace our table again soon.